Gruinard Island also called as “the Island of Death”

There are many such places where humans do not dare to enter, be it abandoned islands, forts, palaces, caves and many other such places. 

But, this is one place which has an extremely unpleasant and dark history associated with it which made humans to abandon the place!

The name of the island is Gruinard Island. It is an oval-shaped Scottish island located in Gruinard Bay, about halfway between Gairloch and Ullapool. It is located approximately 0.6 kilometers away from northwest Scotland

So, during World War II, this island was the biological warfare test zone owned by British military scientist. The scientists tried using ‘Anthrax’ as a weapon to attack the enemies

During 1942, a highly virulent strain of Anthrax known as “Vollum 14578” was tested by bombing the entire site with the deadly bacteria. So this island, became the site of a biological warfare test by British forces.

But, this is not all! There’s more to it, read on to know!

The test was not conducted on humans, but sheep. Some eighty sheep were taken to the island which was then bombed with the bacteria, so these were infected with the deadly virus and eventually died.

But when the war ended in 1945, the owner of the island wished to take it back from the government, but the government refused to do so by saying that it was highly contaminated by the deadly virus. They promised that they will give it back to the owner or its beneficiaries once the scientists give a heads up!

When the scientists performed a check in 1980 and 1986, they found the soil of the island infected with the virus, so they began cleaning the island, but even till today, the scientists are unsure about it being 100% habitable. Hence, till today it is one of the abandoned places on Earth!

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