Creepy statues randomly appears in her home and no one knows why

The suburbs are usually characterized as quiet, peaceful, and – quite honestly – boring. But there are always exceptions. This woman thought that by moving to a quiet suburb, her family would be safer. She was proven wrong when creepy statues starting inexplicably appearing right at her doorstep.

One random day, creepy statues of children began appearing on the woman’s yard. She was convinced that someone was playing a trick on her, some harmless neighborhood prank for the new guys. But a few days passed and the creepy statues still showed up on her yard as if the person doing it hadn’t grown tired of the prank.

The statues weren’t deformed or horrifying but they definitely freaked the woman out whenever she looked outside the window. It was like a sign of bad things to come, similar to a foreshadowing device used in horror movies. The woman and her family could have easily let this one slide but then they noticed a detail that made their hairs stand on end.

The creepy statues seemed to move closer and closer to their home. Then, one morning, the woman opened her front door and saw the statue of a young girl right on her doorstep

Until now, the woman and her family still don’t have an explanation for the creepy statues appearing in front of their suburban home. Hopefully, it all turns out to be one elaborate prank and not the plot for the next “Insidious” movie.

What do you think is the explanation for these creepy statues’ inexplicable presence? Do you think that it’s just a prank orchestrated by a neighbor? Share your thoughts, reactions, and opinions in the comments section below!


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