Guy found a treasure chest hidden inside a trap door of their newly-bought house

Moving in to a new house might quite feel both exciting and tense at the same time because of the new environment, but you’ll be singing a different tune when you read this moving couple’s story.

It may be a little too crazy to say that there is a hidden secret door inside your house that contains a lot of treasures or whatever riches you may able to find. Such things can often be seen in various movies and TV shows, right? However, one couple begs the differ when they found something in their new house that they never expected.

Matt and his wife stacked some boxes in a closet in their new home when suddenly his wife noticed something on the floor.

Out of curiosity, Matt then to tried the handle if it opens up and certainly hopes for the best.

After opening it up, Matt and his wife took a look down the hole and saw nothing but dust.

They both lose hope, until they found a box hidden in the corner.

Matt and his wife claimed that the box they have found was heavier than it looks which made them wonder what’s inside.

Both of them then tried to open the box, but was unlucky for it appears to be locked. However, the keyhole was in great condition.

Matt then decided to force it open using whatever tools he may find.

When Matt successfully opened the box, he found a real-life treasure chest with an even smaller chest inside.

According to Matt, the coins inside the box appears to be several different currencies, including dollars and British pounds.

He said that some of the coins dated back to over centuries ago.

After examining the box a bit more, Matt’s wife found a strange surprise. That’s when she find a Silver Surfer trading card.

Now that the big box is done, it’s time for the smaller chest to be opened, it won’t be too easy due to its to its strange lock.

Luckily, Matt’s wife found the key, removing the lock and finally opening the smaller chest.

Upon opening it, they have a found a bag. But what’s in it?

It were a few pocket watches, chains and a single ring

Now, does seeing what they found make you wonder if your home has similar hidden trap doors? Well, if you do, it’s time for you to search for it. And who knows you might end up lucky as Matt and his wife did

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