Netizen reveals another modus he experience in a mall

Do you feel your heart race when you see the red sign saying “SALE” whenever you’re in a department store? Does the thought of spending less than the original price excite you? Well, a certain netizen decided to reveal the ridiculous sca4m involved in these promos. We’re pretty sure that once you know about this scheme, you’ll think twice about cashing in at a department store sale. (a)

This brave man posted the unbelievable modus he experienced on Facebook. He warned everyone who read his post that some department stores will lie to you about the original prices of the items they put on sale. The netizen witnessed the ridiculous sc4am unfold in one of the most well-known malls in the country.

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The man shared that he wanted to buy some kitchenware after seeing that it was 10% off. However, when the cashier punched the numbers, he realized that the computed prices were higher than what was originally displayed.

The netizen claims there’s something about the added bar code that makes the items higher during a promo or a sale than it’s original price. (a)

For example, as he explained a bowl he bought was supposed to be PHP 63 only before the said 10 percent discount was added. But upon checking in the cashier, he allegedly saw that it suddenly became PHP 71 after the discount was punched in.

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Viral Video of A Modus Caught On a Video From A Mall

(a) He further explained that the new tag price wasn’t the problem but the barcode.

“Pero hindi tag price ang aking pinupuna, kundi ang bar code na kapag iniscan sa pos machine ng cashier ay lumalabas na P34 lang ang presyo pero sa kanilang tag price ay P42. Ibig sabihin pinatungan nila ng 20% ang original price na P34 kaya naging P42 saka nila nilagay sa PROMO/SALE na less 10% para lumabas na P38 na mataas parin ng ilang porsiento sa original na presyo. Sa makatuwid maibibenta nila ang produkto ng mahigit pa sa original na presyo kaya walang SALE o PROMO na nangyari.”

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