Harmful Effects Of Putting Mobile Phones On Your Pocket That You Should Know

None of us would ever leave home without carrying a mobile phone. Imagining a whole day without a mobile phone is also impossible. But current studies are not yet clear about how safe it is to live so close to the mobile phones for the whole day.

If you are one of those who carries their mobile phones in the pants, chances are you aren’t aware of the damage this practice may be causing.

(a) The effects of mobile radiation are yet to be studied. Currently, health experts claim that it isn’t healthy to carry a mobile in your pockets whether it is your shirt’s pocket or your trouser’s. Here are some more facts on this.

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Fact #1 Carrying the mobile phone in the trouser pocket could hit male fertility as it is said to affect the spermatozoa.


Fact #2 The radiation of mobile phones is said to reduce sperm count and motility. It is also said to cause oxidative stress and even DNA damage.

Fact #3 Another study says that men who carry their mobiles (switched-on) for prolonged periods of time may suffer a higher risk of er3ct1le dysfunction.

Fact #4 Also, cell phones are not safe in the shirt’s pocket too as they are said to increase the risk of c4ncer.


Fact #5 The main risk from cell phones is due to the nature of the signals. Mobile phones give out radio waves (non-ionizing radiation) through an antenna. When you carry a mobile very close to the body, the tissues may absorb the energy.

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Fact #6 Mobile phones send and receive signals. Though the signals don’t immediately damage your cells, they can heat up the tissues over prolonged usage.

Fact #7 Other factors that could increase or decrease the risk are the number of calls, length of the calls and how close you hold the device to your body. Though it is not possible to avoid using mobile phones, maybe you can avoid carrying it in your pockets. Keep it in your bag or hold it in your hand to minimize the risk. (a)

Cell phones are truly helpful but using it excessively and putting it in your pockets can also be alarming. It is better to use it moderately and avoid putting it near your body. Now, will you still put your phones on your pockets?

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