Teasing Scene of “Araw Gabi” with JM de Guzman and Barbie Emperial goes Viral

If there is one thing that the Precious Hearts series is known for, it is its tendency to tease its viewers with suggestive scenes that border on the erotic. In its latest series, “Araw Gabi” topbilled by Barbie Imperial and JM De Guzman, the show’s producers do a great job putting Barbie and JM in awkward, teasing but kilig situations.

In a viral clip uploaded by ABS-CBN, they shared a clip from an “Araw Gabi” episode that had some viewers questioning how such scene got through censors.

Well, there was nothing over the line in it but anything, but it has some subtle cues that certainly warrants some attention. Guys, you have to watch this.

In the start of the scene, Barbie was sleeping in a bed while JM lies on a cot by the floor. The two were talking in a teasing manner, until Barbie lost her balance and fell right into JM’s body. Woops!

With Barbie right on top of JM’s body face to face and eye to eye, we are sure that the scene is more than enough to make TV viewers spit their drink in kilig.

However, the icing on the cake was the dialogue.

My god, you just have to check this comments:

Watch here:

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