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The Real Story Behind The Sh()plifting Incident of Lucy Torres

Can you recall that news about the sh()plifting incident that involves the wife of Richard Gomez, Lucy Torres, in a high-end department store in Makati? Up to this day, the speculation still lingers and a new version of stories circulated among people who can’t get over with the incident.

Since the incident, many tagged Lucy as ‘kleptomaniac’, a person who can’t control his or herself to st3al anything even if it has no value to them.

Years had passed and finally, the speculation will now be cleared, especially the person involved. This blind item is from the “Sc4ndal Sheet” section of a political page of The Manila Standard in 2004. It was read by many netizens and was spread via cell phone text messaging.

“There is a fly in the ointment in what is generally perceived to be wedded bliss of a very popular showbiz couple. The husband found out that her [sic] angelic wife, a scion of an old haciendero family, suffers from kleptomania.

“It was only recently that he was shocked to learn, after being told by an executive of a ritzy Makati department store, that his wife was caught sh()plifting.

“The guy immediately proceeded to the store, paid double the amount involved (which were for small items really) and asked the management to clamp down on the incident.

“But the incident was repeated several times. The embarrassed husband hired a security guard to look after the wife. The guard was instructed to watch discreetly but closely if the wife sh()plifts and pay for the item without creating a fuss.

“The husband has confronted the wife about this malady and the wife had agreed to undergo psychotherapy in St. Luke’s Hospital in Quezon City. The latest word is the wife is now seeing a shrink regularly.”

What made it alarming is the fact that they didn’t decline to reveal the identity of the person in the blind item and the name, Lucy Torres-Gomez.

The former ABS-CBN show ‘Ek! Channel’ released a story about the speculation and made a reenactment. The veteran newscasters Ces Drillon and Karen Davila also research about the gossip. Ces Drilon started to investigate while Karen Davila focused on the surveillance tape of the “sh()plifting and 4rr3sting”.

But on April 2004, Lucy learned the speculation from her friend Kris Aquino. The ‘Queen of All Media’ told her that people tagged her as a kleptomaniac and recommended that she should confront the source of all these gossips, The Manila Standard and know her legal options.

At first, Lucy didn’t care about it. She said in the interview with Yes! Magazine on March 2005 issue:

“I would not assume that by coming out [with a denial], everybody who believed the rumor will really say na, hindi pala totoo. There will always be those who would believe otherwise. I decided I would not dignify the rumor with an answer.”

After watching it on Ek! Channel, her husband Richard investigated and went to the people who spread the rumor. He first confronted Ces Drillon at Karen Davila. San Juan Mayor JV Ejercito, a friend of Richard, said that Lucy is “kleptomaniac”. When asked by Richard and Lucy, the newscaster admitted that they talked about it.

Ces sent a text message to Lucy saying that the rumors weren’t true. But Lucy didn’t reply because she doesn’t want to talk to Ces and she already forgave her because she’s not the source of all rumors. Lucy said that the mistake of Ces has she shared the issue with others.

When Richard asked Karen Davila about the “surveillance tape” that shows the whole “sh()plifting and 4rr3st”, Karen said that she doesn’t have the tape and said that she was also a victim that said to be the person who spread the rumors.

Then, Richard went to the source of the rumor. He asked the editor-in-chief of The Manila Bulletin, Julie Yap Daza, who wrote the blind item.

“She answered me, but I did not believe her. Sabi niya, she doesn’t know who wrote it. I think it was really irresponsible of Julie to say that talaga,” he said in his interview with Yes! Magazine.

On the same YES! magazine issue, Douglas Quijano, manager of the couple think about the motive of rumor.

“They want to destroy Lucy now, this early, because she is Richard’s best campaigner.” “They want to weaken Richard by weakening his best asset. This is politically motivated,” “Nasa political page siya ng Manila Standard.”

Lucy agreed, “The rumor circulated mainly in the upper crust of society.”

The Rustan’s Department Store released an official statement on the query GMA-7’s S-Files.

“It has come to our attention that there are rumors circulating that Mrs. Lucy Torres-Gomez was caught sh()plifting in Rustan’s.

“We would like the public to know that there is no truth to this and that Mrs. Lucy Torres-Gomez is a customer of good standing and is welcome in any of our establishments at anytime.”

Richard said:

“I guess nothing just really prepares you for it when it really happens already. At the back of my mind it has always been there.”

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