Parents Who Alleged Went To Have “Walwal” Got A Passerby Furious About What They Did In Their Car

“Walwal” is a famous word nowadays. A Filipino colloquial word we can usually hear from millennials which literally means drinking too much as if there’s no tomorrow. In other words, getting wasted. Some people make this term as funny and as a joke. But most us find this a negative habit. (a)

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Just recently, a video went viral showing a car parked on a busy street in Metrowalk Pasig. Metrowalk is famous for having bars and restaurants around the vicinity. A concerned netizen named Jasper Pascual shared her sentiments on social media about a car he noticed around 4 am having an unacceptable situation. Here’s the whole post. (a)


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Jasper, the concerned citizen was very angry about seeing and hearing the child crying so hard inside the car without any ventilation. We all know the effect of leaving anyone in a closed car. He immediately called the attention of security guards around the area. (a)

Although the identity of the said parents was not stated, he shared on comments that the parents of the child, unfortunately, got angry for what he did. he also updated the other netizens on the overflowing comments regarding the incident. “Okay na po ang bata. Mabilis po naaksyunan nung nagpatawag po ako ng guard”

Netizens can’t help themselves but express also their disappointment and anger on the parents, Here’s what others said. (a)



Watch the video here.

Whatever the parent’s reason was, It is still not safe to leave a child unattended especially in a closed vehicle without any ventilation. Do you agree? What are your thoughts on this?



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