Trudis Liit Transformation from Cuteness to Total Gorgeousness

Jillian Ward is a Filipino child actress, commercial model, and singer. She is known for playing the title role of Gertrudis “Trudis” Capili in GMA Network’s latest Sine Novela Trudis Liit. Currently, there are no desperate rumors regarding Jillian’s personal and professional life. It seems she is doing best job without harming others for which she hasn’t been a part of controversy yet. Also, she is so young to be a part of rumors and controversy.

But everyone was shocked from her recent uploaded photos on her Instagram account. The all grown up actress became pretty gorgeous without anyone noticing it. Here are some of her most updated photos that now circulate the web.

Jillian Ward is active on different social media sites. Currently, she is active on Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter. She has more than 200k followers on Facebook, 50k followers on Twitter and almost 200k followers on Instagram.

Could it be that GMA invested on a pretty good price to this undoubtingly gorgeous young woman? Or let her slip on their hands without knowing how many opportunities in the industry they could get if they took a little bit more care of this young lady? Share us your thoughts

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