“You are just a helper!”, “Go back to the Philippines!” – DH sa Hong Kong Sinigaw-Sigawan at Nilait ng Isang Chinese National Ng Dahil Lang Sa Aso

Overseas Filipino Worker or OFW are the Filipinos who choose to leave their families in order to provide better future for them by working outside the country. The most common job they get is a domestic helper.

A domestic worker or domestic helper is a person who works within the employer’s household. They perform a variety of household services for an individual or a family, from providing care for children and elderly dependents to housekeeping.

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(a)This includes cleaning and household maintenance. Other responsibilities may include cooking, laundry, and ironing, shopping for food and other household errands.

it was physically and emotionally much harder compared to other works abroad.

It is always said that when a Filipino leaves the country, it is said to be a matter of luck. Sometimes, they get a nice boss and sometimes they encounter face to face the mean people.

A number of instances where an OFW is being maltreated by their own bosses have come to our attention and with all those cases, we couldn’t help but get mad at the boss for treating our fellow Filipinos that way.

However, a video shared by a concerned citizen, showing an OFW being pointed at, cursed and screamed at by a person that’s not even her boss.

(a)The video started with the woman hysterically shouting to a domestic helper who was out to a park with a baby and 2 dogs.

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It appears that the Chinese woman was angry at the helper and asking her why she brought a baby and two dogs.

The Chinese woman is shouting about how the dogs keep barking, to which the OFW explained that the Chinese woman’s dog attacked first. (a)

And as we understand it, through the caption of the person who posted the video, they were in a dog park, so how has this Chinese woman not anticipate that there will be other dogs who are barking.

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“You are just a helper!”

At one point, the Chinese woman screamed at the OFW to call her boss and ask them to come to the park. To which the OFW did. (a)

Unfortunately, while the OFW was talking to her boss and telling them about what is happening, the Chinese woman keeps on shouting.

She kept on shouting shame remarks that should not be said to anyone at all. The baby was seen crying and was obviously got afraid by all the shouting that the woman went on.

“You are just a helper!”

“You should go back to the Philippines!”

“If I am your boss, I will fire you!”

“You have a bad attitude!”

Not the first time

It can be heard from the conversation of the OFW with her boss that this was not the first time that this Chinese lady did this.

The OFW can be heard in the video saying “You know, the one I was telling you about?”

(a)That means that this woman has been harassing other fellow Filipina and degrading them. Good thing a concerned citizen took a video and got an evidence ang maltreatment, we hope that proper actions will be taken against this woman.

Watch the video on the annoying Chinese woman here:

This is how fellow Filipinos react to this incident. See their comments below:





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