“Ikaw na Talaga Yaya Moi” Watch: Ganito Ka Pag Naging Kasambahay ka ni Piolo Pascual

Moi Marcampo, also known as “Moi Bien” is a Filipino actress-comedienne, who starred in supporting roles in films such as the “Kimmy Dora: Kambal na Kiyeme” and its succeeding sequel and prequel, and few episodes of various television shows from different networks like “My Binondo Girl”, “Be Careful with my Heart” and “My Love from the Star.” But aside from her natural talent on being comical onscreen, Moi Bien was first known for being Piolo Pascual’s personal assistant.

Piolo has a longtime personal assistant, Moi Bien, who does not only have access to him but is also receiving a lot of perks and benefits from the actor.

Moi has been gifted opportunities most personal assistants can’t even dream of. She gets to travel many different places with the actor, together with his friends and family. Moi has also had numerous supporting roles in major movies and primetime series.

Moi is a lucky girl. She and Piolo do not treat each other as the traditional employer-employee. Though the respect is very much there, they are friends as well. They enjoy each other’s company.

Recently, Piolo and his son Inigo were seen very sweet to Moi Bien. The said video earned praises from netizens for it seems that the personal assistant is also part of the actor’s family.

Watch here:

Their relationship has been tested through times and still it remains the same. You will never look at them as a mere employer-employee relationship because their rapport transcends to a certain level of familial bond that everyone would definitely crave to have one.

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