“I heard a loud sound from a distance of about 20 meters from me. We were lining up for the Star Flyer ride..” WATCH: several videos of the person who falls from 192 Feet Giant Ferris wheel in an Amusement Park In Pasay

Several videos gathered from different angles showing what happened that day.

Filipinos are said and known to be happy and fun people. We often go to amusement parks whenever we feel down to level up the extreme feeling.  That’s why there are several amusement parks are opened in our country. And one of this is the famous Star City in Pasay. (a)

But regardless of the fun, we could get on their rides, there is still dangers and acc1dent might happen especially when you are not aware of them. Few incidents are reported, and some are not. Just like recently, happened on July 8, 2018, several videos come across the social media showing an alleged acc1dent in Star City.


(a) A video was posted by netizen Emerly Orano,  on her Facebook account. In the video, it will be seen that some medic personnel were attending to a person lying on the ground of Pasay City’s amusement park. There were four members of the rescue team with a standby stretcher in the footage. See her post below.

Also captured n the video was the part where the person who allegedly fell from the Ferris wheel was placed on the stretcher and carried away from the scene.

(a) In the audio, voices will be heard saying that the person may have possibly jumped out of the ride’s cage. A voice will be heard saying “Ayun o nakabukas”.

Another video posted by Jojo G Castillo on his Twitter account, stating what he saw that day.

“I heard a loud sound from a distance of about 20 meters from me. We were lining up for the Star Flyer ride, excited. And then the people in front of us began to disperse, and I immediately grabbed my camera to film. And I saw this man (or woman) lying on the ground.” (a)

“At that moment I knew someone may have d1ed. He or she may have jumped to his/her de()th. Moments later, police officers came. I knew something isn’t right. I lost the will to ride. Afraid. Stunned. Surprised. Terrified. This was my first Star City visit, and I cant see myself going back.”

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While looking for more details from this incident, we have been informed that there are also other 2 acc1dents happened before. One from February 2016 whereas a woman falls off thrill ride on ‘Surf Dance’, and the other one happened also on the same month this year February 17, 2018, where the Star Flyer came to a stop in the middle of its hanging tracks for about 15 minutes after the electricity fluctuated. It is also showed a video. (a)

According to Star City’s website, the “Giant Star Wheel” stands 60 meters or 192 feet high with 32 air-conditioned gondolas that can accommodate 6 passengers each.

The latest update regarding the recent accident is not yet released. But many speculate that the man committed su1cu1de, but some are saying it was an acc1dent. But whatever the investigation is, it is surely clear as water that whenever we go to places like this we need to double up our security.

(a) Make sure that you can handle the ride effectively. Do not ride if you think it’s not safe for you. Besides, an amusement park like Star City has a requirement on each of every ride and fully explaining the risk right from the entrance.

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The incident stumbles the netizens, here’s what they said.




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