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Kris Aquino Reveals The Current Realtionship With Her Brother Noy

Aquino’s are the one of the most prominent family in the country. Not mentioning their parents who are historic icons today. Noynoy Aquino as the previous President of the Philippines, and Kris Aquino, the Queen of All Media, as the most controversial celebrity. This family is indeed well-known all over the world. (a)

Aside from this, we also know that the two siblings have very different personalities. Kris is the “bunso or the last child born in the family. She is very open about her life, very vocal and is not afraid to share anything about her life.

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Just recently,“ Kris Aquino opened up about her misunderstanding with her brother, former President Benigno “Noynoy” Aquino III.

(a) Pres. Noy is the middle child and only boy among four siblings of Cory and Ninoy. Unlike his younger sister, the former president remains very quiet and would rather choose to live life privately.

In a lengthy Instagram post reposted on Twitter, Kris shared photos of her oldest son Josh lying on the hospital bed with the former president standing beside him.

(a) In its caption, she wrote: “i chose to live my life openly- kaya nga maraming pwedeng humusga, pero na bless kasi marami rin ang nagmamahal… with true HUMILITY i will share our story & hope that some of you will learn from our journey.

“my brother & i have had a complicated relationship, siguro po kasi only son & middle child sya, bunso ako. Siguro rin kasi aminadong opposites talaga kami- tahimik sya, pribado, iniisip mabuti ang bawat galaw. Alam nyo na kung ano ako. Dahil #satruelang, 3 months po kaming hindi okay.”

(a) Because of their differences, Kris believes that it resulted in a complicated relationship. She admitted that their relationship recently went on the rocks because of a rift.

The “Queen of All Media” added that their current misunderstandings have left her children, Joshua and Bimby caught in the middle. The former president is known to have a close relationship with both of his nephews.

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(a) Kris honestly admitted that she is the reason behind their current rift. This is why she reached out to her brother and texted him. In the message, she stated that Josh, who is sick, needed him at the moment. The actress slash mother also calls Noy “the only constant male figure” in Josh’s life.

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At the end of the day, we cannot avoid misunderstandings between family members. It may be due to the fact that we want to instill in them our different opinions because we want what’s best for them, and vice-versa. No matter what happens though, a family will always be family.

When everyone has left your side, they will surely be there in the end, even though we push them away at times. (a)

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Here’s to Kris and Noy settling their differences for the sake of their family, and for the good health of Josh and Bimby.


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