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Young Woman Who Was Reportedly Possessed By Her Own Brother’s Soul Sent Chills Down The Spine

A video on Facebook went viral recently as the sister of the departed brother was said to be possessed by none other than himself.

On Saturday, July 14, a relative turned to the social media app to tell the story behind the incident. On March 18 this year, a young man’s life was ended after being taken by an unidentified group of felons in Barangay Andal Alinio in Neuva Ecija. The brother was snatched, persecuted, and slayed by unidentified group of offenders. A lot were in shock and in misery due to this event, most especially the members of the man’s family.

“Mga bandang 12 po siya dinukot. [Ang nangyari] po bandang 3 siya pinaglaruan at pinahirapan … sa Bypass Talavera, Nueva Ecija. Dun nga po, bandang 4 siya tinapon sa Andal Alinio, Talavera, Nueva Ecija. Walang awa ang [kumitil] sa bayaw ko.”

While possessed, the sister cried a lot. According to the family members, this was because the late brother could not accept his fate and the injustice that he received the put and end to his life. According to the relative, the man was very fond of his younger sister when he was still alive.

“Habang nakasanib siya sa [kapatid niya], iyak po siya nang iyak kasi hindi po niya tanggap yung [pagkawala] niya. Kaya hindi rin po siya matahimik, ang gusto niya yung mabigyan po siya ng hustisya. Pero totoo po yung sanib, wala pong halong biro kasi first time lang din pong saniban [yung kapatid niya].”

The supernatural post rocked the world of social media. Netizens were left with chills as around 48,000 of them viewed and shared the said video.

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