Woman divorces paralyzed husband and married his bestfriend – so they can look after him TOGETHER

One Chinese woman proved herself a devoted wife by divorcing her husband and marrying his friend.

This unconventional, but heart-warming tale in the Shaanxi province involves Xie Xiping, 41, who has been looking after her husband Xu Xihan for 14 years after a mining accident in 2002 left him unable to move from the waist down. (a)

Xu recalled that neighbors all believed that his wife would run away and leave him alone in just three months. Instead, Xie insisted to stay with Xu and take care of him, along with their son and daughter. However, Xu wanted his wife to be happy. Finally, in 2009, he convinced her that they should divorce and watched as she married his best friend, Liu Zongkui.


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Since then, Liu has helped to take care of both Xie and her ex-husband Xu. In 2012, Xie gave birth to another son. This family of six now live together in a happy, if somewhat confusing arrangement. “If you do not leave me, I will be with you until the end,” Xu said.

(a) Xu Xihan was awarded 40,000 yuan (roughly 315,000) in compensation and Xie became his primary carer.

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(a) Xie Xihan’s devotion reminds us of one Shandong husband who has cared for his paralyzed wife for the last 56 years, as well as a selfless Fujian mom who has looked after a paralyzed man for the past 37 years after he was abandoned by his parents. Love is incredible, isn’t it? True love exists!


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