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A Father’s Love: Manny Pacquiao spending precious time cradles his youngest son Israel to sleep.

Manny Pacquiao is acclaimed as the most popular boxer today. People all over the world praise and idolizes him not just for being a world’s champion, but also as a good Christian and samaritan. Manny, truly blessed with a wonderful wife, Jinkee, and kids Emmanuel, Michael, Mary, Queen, and Israel. (a)

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Even though it doesn’t always show, Manny can be gentle and sweet when it comes to his family, especially his youngest son. Recently, a clip of the Boxing Champ cradling Israel to sleep made rounds on the Internet. It was of the sweetest things we’ve ever seen, and that says a lot for a boxing beast like Pacquiao. (a)

(a)The 4-year-old was born in 2014, just two weeks after Pacquiao fought with Timothy Bradly Jr. for the World Boxing Organization Welterweight championship. The little boy’s name was inspired by the Middle East country, which he and his wife Jinkee Pacquiao have grown fond of.

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(a) Look how sweet and precious this father and son bonding really is. Anyone wouldn’t think how Sen. Manny on their home because of everyone knows Senator Manny is busy in the Senate and in his boxing career.

But aside from all of this obligations, Manny still finds time for his family and his church.

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(a) “Israel is born to God be all the Glory Hallelujah! As Pacquiao’s family we will serve the Lord,” says Pacquiao, now a devout Christian, on the coming of his baby Israel four years ago.

Aside from being his bunso, Israel is known to fans as his daddy Manny’s “mini-me”.

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(a) Watch the video below:


Sneak peek inside Jinkee Pacquiao’s luxurious walk-in closet

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