Watch: Alleged “glass particles” found in Lucky Me Pancit Canton

Monde Nissin, maker of Lucky Me Pancit canton, has issued a statement regarding the alleged “glass particles” found in the condiments pack of their product.

Just recently pictures and videos were posted on Facebook and YouTube showing the “glass particles”.

In a video post of a concerned user, he said he bought 6 packs of Lucky Me Pancit Canton. He cooked two packs and noticed that the noodles smelled different and the sauce did not mix well but he still ate. To his disbelief, he almost swallowed a big glass particle.

As seen on the video, the concerned netizen opened the other pancit canton packs he bought and found the same thing. He checked if they were indeed glass particles by washing them using running water.

Watch here:

He said he wants to raise awareness to avoid possible health problems in the future. Upon seeing the video, many people said they will stop buying and eating the product.

However, Monde Nissin said there is no truth behind this.

The company released its official statement over the matter, which reads: “It has come to our attention that there are messages being shared about glass-like particles found in the soy sauce sachet of Lucky Me! Pancit Canton.

These are salt particles which naturally form when product is subjected to varying temperatures. Every soy sauce sachet is printed with a note to guide consumers on this natural occurrence. As these are made of salt, the particles will dissolve when mixed with freshly cooked noodles or hot water.

Rest assured that Lucky Me! places high regard in product quality and safety by employing stringent quality control measures.”

The company provided a step-by-step procedure how to confirm if the alleged “glass particles” are indeed salt particles.

First, pour hot water on the particles. Stir the water. Within five minutes, the salt particles will definitely dissolve.

source: kicker

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