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We cannot deny that kids nowadays are so active and playful. Especially on toddlers who are starting to explore things and developing their social and motor skills. We parents are definitely supportive of this. And the usual we place we go if we want our kids to have fun is the playground. (a)

Parents want their kids to enjoy their free time and at the same time be safe anywhere they play that’s why play areas inside the malls are the one they prefer. There so many play areas are in today, some are big and very prominent on kids. But how can be so sure that this place will not harm our little ones? (a)


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A mother will definitely forget about going to this places after what she discovered while his little one is playing inside a ball pit in a play area in Pasig.

(a) According to Justine Marie Santos-Sugay, she brought her four-year-old son Charles to the playground to have some fun, while her kid is enjoying the ball pit, Mommy Justine noticed that there was some playground staff who were removing balls in the ball pit even though there was still at least 20 kids playing in that area.

Out of her curiosity, she asked the staff why they are emptying the ball pit, and they answered that they are just replacing the balls with new ones.

(a)She was about to disregard it and continue with what she was doing when a mother told her that the reason they were doing it is that they found a po()p inside the pit.

Her husband quickly took off their child in the ball pit and she confronted the staff why they didn’t tell them the real reason but they just answered they thought they already knew.


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(a) Read her post below,

Mommy Justine was able to talk to the manager of the play area and asked for a refund since her child was only playing for about 15mins when it happened. She also asked why they not just close the ball pit while the staffs are cleaning the po()p inside. He said he was 100% sure that the feces was just in the area.

(a) She answered back, As any parent knows the kids throw the balls everywhere!!! My son was holding 2 balls when we found him.” (Lahat ng magulang alam na kapag naglalaro ang bata sa ball pit, itinatapon nila ang bola kung saan-saan! May hawak na dalawang bola ang anak ko nang matagpuan namin siya.)

The concerned mother shared her post in a mommy group Glam-O-Mamas, and there the management of the mall playground area answered and stated their side regarding the incident.


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“For our customer’s, and everyone’s peace of mind, we would like to clarify that the play area was immediately closed, and isolated, within minutes of being alerted by the parent of the child who had that ‘poopie incident.’ The ball pit was immediately sealed, and children were not allowed to enter until space was properly sanitized. Likewise, within minutes, all the balls in the pit were removed and properly sanitized.” (a)

We hope the management will take note of this, and maintain the cleanliness and sanitation of the play areas. Children are prone to viruses, every parent is trusting their child’s welfare in play areas like this.


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