Watch: Police Officer reacts on Getting A Video From a Violator

It is true when they say that the internet is a very dangerous place, malicious information could spread like wildfire in just a single click. In the Philippines, the number one victims of social media shaming are the policemen who are just doing their job.

We’ve seen a lot of viral videos of policeman allegedly practicing misconduct and before they could even defend themselves, the whole world has already criticized them. But one member of Taguig City Police did not let this kind of social shaming happen to himself, so instead of letting a traffic violator once again spread false information, he gave the rider a taste of his own medicine.

In the video posted by Facebook page PH trends, a police officer from Taguig recorded a traffic violator and explaining the list of violations he has.

Apparently, the motorcycle rider is the first one who grabbed his own smartphone to take a video of the officers apprehending him. According to the officer whose name was not disclosed, the rider’s initial violation is failure to carry and present his vehicle’s OR/CR, but when they noticed that the vehicle has open pipe and informed the rider that he will have another violation, the rider started taking a video showing the officer’s faces.

The officer suspected that the rider will create a different story that will go viral on social media and will eventually taint the image of policemen like himself, so he also grabbed his own mobile phone and recorded to incident showing the rider’s face and telling what really happened.

“Ba’t mo kami vi-videohan? Pagta-trendinging mo kami? O ngayon trending! May cellphone din naman kami, ‘di nga lang kagandahan pero nakakakuha din ng tama yan, hindi nagsisinungaling!” the officer said.

“O ngayon dahil vinedeohan mo ako, papasikatin din kita! Tignan natin kung sinong magte-trending ha? ‘Wag mo lahatin yung mga pulis na nakikita mo dyan ha!” he added.

The rider tried to explain that it was just his first time be apprehended with a traffic violation and does not know how it works that is why he decided to take a video, but his alibi did not work.

In the end, the rider also admitted his mistake and apologized to the police. He also attempted to low-key bribe the officer, but the honorable man in uniform refused and said “Kaibigan, ‘yang pera na sinasabi mo, doon ka sa tamang tubusan.”

Watch the full video below:

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