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This Is How He Deal With 1llegal Parking: Mayor Craches Parked Cars With Tanker

1llegal parking is been one of the biggest local issues we are facing since then. This is the act of drivers parking vehicles in an 1llegal or restricted area such as a fire zone, where signs are posted, in crosswalks, on sidewalks, or blocking a fire hydrant as dictated by area traffic laws. 1llegal acts of parking are cited by a warning from local law enforcement and may result in a violation or fee.

(a) In an effort to dissuade motorists from parking in cycle lanes, the mayor of Vilnius has taken to crushing 1llegally parked cars with a tank

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The mayor of Lithuania’s capital, Vilnius, showed off an unusual approach to dealing with 1llegally parked cars by crushing one with a tank!


“The purpose of the excursion is not to ride bicycles or run bike paths, but to see all the problems, obstacles, 1llogicalities and assess the quality of bicycle paths together. I have called on many responsible services that this is not just my own opinion so that I can see many eyes so that we can communicate with each other and then make decisions that are useful to the residents of Vilnius. There is a lot of difference between what looks like in the paper, and what you see and feel when you’re actually riding,” said Mayor Remigijus Šimašius before the trip. (a)

(a) The stunt, which took place in Lithuania’s capital, Vilnius, involved the mayor Arturas Zuokas driving an armored personnel carrier over a Mercedes 1llegally parked in a cycle lane.
In the video, Mayor Arturas Zuokas, who is a keen cyclist, drove the armored tank over a Mercedes car that was parked in a cycle lane.

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(a) When the car’s owner arrived, Mr. Zuokas said: “That’s what will happen if you park your car 1llegally.”

The stunt was filmed for a Swedish TV show. After the car was towed away Mr. Zuokas hopped on a bike and rode off.

Mr. Zuokas has introduced several bike schemes and cycle lanes in Vilnius to try to encourage more residents to take up cycling.

(a) Talking to the Small World News Service, he said: “You have to have a sense of humor in my line of work and I thought this would be a way of drawing attention to the fact that the city intends to be proactive in its fight against 1llegal parking.”

The incident was recorded by a film crew and was designed to discourage motorists from parking 1llegally.

(a) However, the mayor’s unusual approach to parking violations has an attracted international media attention and gone viral on the internet.

Over the years, it seems like a lot of motorists have developed the habit of parking just about wherever they see fit. If you’re one of them, now might be the perfect time to change your ways.

Watch the full video here,

Do you think this might also work in our country? What are your thoughts on this?


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