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Immeasurable! Man Reunites With Family After 10 Years Of Not Seeing Each Other

The family is indeed the most special people in our lives. We are all together at first, but the life is so constant as we are leaving each other’s arms when time flies. We will have our own family, career to pursue, or we will choose to live on our own to help us grow. (1)

For most of us, no matter what life will bring us, the family is really where we belong. We continue to tie the knot with them. We believe that our family is still the few people who will help us and comfort us in times we need.


(2) It was a very touching moment that had been in the making for 10 long years. And for one Massachusetts man, it was too much to emotionally handle. After being apart from his family in Gabon, Central Africa, for 10 years, this man’s wife set up the most amazing surprise for him.

When he came home he was ecstatic to see his little brother standing in his living room.

(3) Obviously, he was so surprised as he didn’t expect to come home with this. Hugs flying, kisses overflowed, tears almost fell upon reuniting with his little brother.

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Jeffrey Mayi was surprised by his brother who flew in from Florida to visit his family, and got an even greater surprise when he realized his brother was not the only visitor!

(4) But the most awaited part of the surprise is when his mother came out where she has been hiding from around the corner. He fell to the ground and broke down in tears for the most heartwarming reunion a son could ever have.

The man, Jeffrey, had not seen his mother for a whole decade, because his mom lives in Gabon.

(5) Her mom is having a hard time going to the United States to see her family because of the visa and financial reasons.

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Jeffrey’s reaction to seeing his mother touched the hearts of thousands of netizens that have shared the video over and over.


(7) Watch the touching video here:

Many netizens were touched by this moment, and here’s how they expressed their feelings.



Here’s what Jeffrey’s wife (who filmed the entire thing) had to say about the surprise:

“Jeffrey’s brother surprised him today by flying in from Florida to meet Christian and I. Jeff’s mom came all the way from Libreville, Gabon. Jeff hasn’t seen his mom in 10 years his reaction is priceless. I love my man and his huge heart. Love my new family too.”


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