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Robin Padilla Urges Men To Stop Mast(u)rbat!ng

Action star Robin Padilla encourages men to stop mast(u)rbating and imparted a knowledge he personally learned regarding the matter — the secret to spiritual power, he says, is celibacy.

The iconic action star is known for being very vocal regarding issues and concerns in our society, but this time not about politics.

Through an Instagram post, Robin has urged single men to refrain from doing any s(e)xual acts.

He uploaded a photo showing a study conducted by researchers from Zhejiang University in China as reported by Men’s Health last year, which tells that men’s testosterone level will increase by 45% in just 7 days after they stopped mast(u)rbating.

He then shared his own experience on how he became physically and spiritually stronger after ceasing to engage in s(e)xual activities.

“I was already able to do this after my divorce 11 years ago. When I arrived from India, after studying yoga and kalarippayattu, I literally can leap very high and do some fancy kicks, strikes, and blows.”


Robin recounted that the energy he felt coursing through his veins was “bursting like a fountain.” Back then he refrained from s(e)x and mast(u)rbat!on as part of mantra and prayer because celibacy gives one spiritual power. Even Mahatma Gandhi’s wisdom and intelligence, according to a book he read, came from celibacy.

Padilla shared that men who control their orga(s)m during s(e)xual intercourse give women the best orgasm.

He ended his post by saying: “I know this is shocking to men and it is hard to do because this is not a cultural practice [here in the Philippines]. These are just pieces of information that we can try once in a while because we have to try different things to satisfy our hunger.”

Mixed reactions were garnered on his post, some agreed, and obviously, some didn’t. Here are some of them.

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