Heroic act of a flight attendant saves 2 teenage girl from human trafficking

An eagle-eyed flight attendant saved a teen girl from human trafficking by leaving a secret message for the victim in a cabin bathroom during a flight. She followed her instinct and not knowing that she could save lives on that flight.

A flight attendant noticed something didn’t look right about two passengers on an Alaska Airlines flight from Seattle to San Francisco, so she says she stepped in and ended up saving a teenage girl from human trafficking.

Shelia Fedrick told 10 News the first thing she noticed was the teenage girl wouldn’t answer her questions or make eye contact. Instead, the man she was flying with did all the talking. The second red flag was the travelers’ appearances.

They were traveling alone, each of them carrying only small bags.

“He was well dressed, that’s what kind of got me because why is he well dressed and she is looking disheveled and out of sorts,” Fedrick told 10 News in an interview.

The flight attendant’s instincts told her something bad was happening on that airplane. Fedrick says she was able to tell the teenage girl to go to the bathroom, where she had left the girl a note. The teenager responded on the back of the note: “I need help.”

Shelia immediately told the pilot about the situation, who contacted the police.

Officers were waiting for the man at the terminal when the plane landed in San Francisco and arrested him.

‘I’ve been a flight attendant for 10 years and it’s like I am going all the way back to when I was in training and I was like I could have seen these young girls and young boys and didn’t even know,’ she told in an interview with 10 News.

Upon landing, they announced “Please keep your seats, the authorities have to come on and take care of a little matter and we’ll be with you in just a moment”, as to not alarm the passengers. Authorities went on board and caught the man.

Former airline stewardess and founder of Airline Ambassadors, Nancy Rivard is hoping to incorporate Shelia’s instincts into the jobs of staff.

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