This Explains The Saying “Kids Will Do Anything To Get Their Parents Attention

How much time do you spend with your kids? Well, many of us are guilty of ignoring our kids these days because we are busy with work or even busy with our mobile phones, connecting with friends and co-workers or watching videos on social media sites.

Just like the video that went viral on social media. Two brothers seeking their parents’ attention.


Other kids would have bothered their parents, seeking attention but this kid and his elder brother don’t really seem to mind that their parents were busy with the cell phone. Perhaps they were already used to seeing their parents being this busy on their phone.


They could be seen in what appears to be their home, with the parents sitting on one side and looking like they were watching a video or something. Their younger son could be seen lying on the floor, looking rather bored with his life but not really bothering his parents.

Some moments later, after still getting ignored by their parents, the younger boy remained stoic as his older brother put a blanket over his body. At this point, a number of netizens might think the elder brother was trying to pester his brother but the younger one still did nothing.

The parents just glanced at the two but remained quite intent with what they were watching.

With the blanket fully covering the younger boy on the floor, the elder brother raised his arms up as if to perform magic on his younger brother. True enough, the kid’s body moved and he appeared to levitate from the ground, raising the blanket!

This got the parents so scared for the younger kid that they shouted, with the father rushing to get the blanket off. Oh, no! But what do you think happened?

Check this out:

Yes, apparently it was just a prank. But what these 2 boys did delivers a very good message to all parents. Parents should give their children more time. Do not focus much on mobile phones especially when you’re at home. Something terrible might happen at a glance so you better watch out.


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